Partner with us and be a part of innovation in healthcare !!

We work with partners including healthcare providers, academic research institutions, and the government authorities to develop our deep learning solutions. If you are interested in collaborating with us on any of the below models, please write in!

Data Partners provide Prognica with anonymised medical data required for building one or more products.


  • Various compensation models possible for data.
  • Free beta access to the finished product.

Strategic Partners, apart from providing data, closely work with Prognica on a specific product during its development phase to shape it’s capabilities and scope.


  • Joint publications related to the product.
  • Various compensation models and subsidised usage of product at launch.
  • Free beta access to all products being developed by Prognica.

Beta Trial Partners help test market-ready products from Prognica, before open launch. At this stage, all products being tested would have undergone atleast one clinical validation with a strategic partner.


  • Free beta access to the finished product.

Prognica works in close collaboration with the most influential researchers in the field of AI and life sciences through academic partnerships collectively responsible for the research, publications and technological advancements. Together, we will bring the best of AI research and healthcare applications to serve patients and help facilitate knowledge transfer.

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