August 8, 2018. Dubai – Prognica Labs and Derby Technology Engineering Srl (Milano, Italy), a manufacturer of wireless servo assisted hospital bed handling system (EasySteer), today announced the signing of a strategic partnership to drive delivery of innovative, safe and cost-effective solutions to hospitals in UAE and other parts of GCC.

Lorenzo Pastori, Project Manager, DTE Srl said, “This is an exciting partnership for us because Forward thinking organizations such as Prognica is clearly dedicated to driving innovation in the region. Their understanding about the markets, technology and the Healthcare industry will strengthen our presence in GCC.”

Patient flows in a hospital are interconnected, making transport the hub of patient movement and an essential ingredient to efficient and cost-effective patient flow and bed capacity optimization.

Moving bulky beds around a hospital can be challenging. This is mainly because the beds are large and often have other medical devices attached to them. Also, a hospital is a place where there needs to be optimum pace.

The use of the EasySteer system is extremely simple and intuitive.

  • Moving hospital beds without any physical strain
  • Designed to be easily maneuvered by a single person, saving on the number of operators involved in moving hospital beds and allowing a more focused attention to the patient needs.
  • EasySteer allows freedom of movement in narrow spaces, with its ability to complete a 360° rotation on the spot and to laterally translate.
  • The first truly omni-directional bed mover with anti-collision system

“For hospitals to provide high reliability in healthcare organizations, they need to focus on improving safety for both patients and staff and team up with a technology partner that has a deep understanding of how a hospital operates.” Fulvio Torti, CEO, DTE Srl

Derby Technology Engineering Srl ( /

DTE srl (as part of Derby Ruote srl group) has been continuously improving an invention which has been moving man for more than five thousand years: the wheel.

Derby Ruote srl, based in Assago (a small distance from Milan downtown, Italy), began in 1973 with the production and sale of the “Derby” model castor, becoming famous in the Italian market for its quality and functionality. During the following years, Derby Ruote’s production and market have been growing step by step and in 1977 the company faces the export market with good success, soon being present in almost all European countries.

DTE srl is the natural passage from the wheel concept to its electronical application in the medical use of the 3rd millennium. As a consequence, DTE srl chose the UAE market to be their first market to introduce the EasySteer, the future of the indoor hospital logistics.