Dubai, UAE, 25 Jan, 2022: Prognica Labs & IntelliDent AI, in alignment with the vision of Dubai Health Strategy 2021 as a strategic pillar in the dissemination of evidence-based healthcare education, organized “Advancing Women’s Health and Wellbeing” seminar.

“Healthy Women, Healthy Community”, embodies the fact that as custodians of family health, women play a critical role in maintaining the health and overall well-being of her communities. However, because of the many roles women play, they too often are focused on the health care of their spouse or children, while neglecting their own needs. Therefore, it is imperative that women take the time to maintain good health for themselves as well.

At each stage of a woman’s life, there are important preventative health care steps to follow in order to provide early detection of medical problems. Many women may neglect health care exams for a number of reasons, however, in the end it comes down to whether or not you wish to make yourself a priority. After putting so much energy into caring for the lives of others, it is time women deserve that same level of care toward themselves. We at Prognica Labs, understand the importance of women’s health, and educating the communities on the best preventative treatments and latest wellness strategies.

This comprehensive session focused on social and clinical updates in the continuum across primary, secondary and tertiary care for women with emphasis on evidence-based approach. As a part of commitment to community health and well-being and the quest to involve all the dignitaries to magnify the cause, this event served its purpose by prioritising Women’s preventive health.

A faculty of experts and leaders discussed the most important issues in women’s health and wellness in a rapidly changing global landscape.

Mr. Ghanim Alfalasi, Senior Vice President of Technology and Innovation at Dtec, inaugurated the seminar, which was hosted by Marwa Al Krad. He pointed out the importance of women’s health and wellbeing and the implications it have on community welfare as they are the custodians of family health. He highlighted the importance of preventive healthcare and policies in this regard.

Dr. Sreelekshmi Bekal, Medical Director at IntelliDent AI gave a concise introduction to Prognica Labs & IntelliDent AI and their undertakings in research, publications and community health activities. She detailed how health-tech companies like Prognica and IntelliDent AI advocates preventive care and making healthcare accessible & affordable.

Dr Abdul Rahman El Kinge, Head of Hematology Oncology Dept at NMC Royal Hospital & Adjunct Asst. Prof. at University of Sharjah, presented a rousing session on ‘Changing the approach to Women’s health’ stressing on screening and early detection of breast cancer along with risks and prevention. He highlighted that, ‘Women should be proactive regarding their health: My health matters!’

In addition, an informative session was presented by Dr. Mena Shaher, Founder and Head of Breast Unit of NMC Royal Hospital , Sharjah on ‘Women’s health for every age and every stage’. She busted many myths associated with breast cancer and imaging. She focused on the importance of early screening and detection of any anomalies and interacted with audience in addressing their queries.

Followed by this, was an interactive session with Tina Chagoury, a Clinical Dietitician, Media spokesperson and a breast cancer survivor on ‘A journey from diagnosing breast cancer, to an inspiration‘. Tina opened up and shared her candid accounts of navigating the impact of cancer to tackling it with grit and determination.

Furthermore, Dr Hafsa Al Idrissi, a Prosthodontist, Medical Director at Noor Al Wasl Clinic and Founder of Health Pillar discussed about ‘Women’s Oral Health Across the life span’. In this illuminating session, she educated on how oral health is beyond just teeth and gums and how it affect the systemic health, especially in women.