February 08, 2022, Dubai – Prognica Labs, UAE’s leading health-tech startup has partnered with Advanced Care Oncology Center, to accelerate and intensify breast cancer screening with the use of advanced AI diagnostic technology.

Prognica Labs, Dubai based AI health-tech startup for interpreting radiology images, is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Advanced Care Oncology Center, demonstrating ongoing commitment to integrate innovative new technologies into the UAE’s healthcare ecosystem, with a mission to make early detection and diagnosis of Breast Cancer, more accurate, accessible & affordable.

Breast cancer is among the top three cancers in women in the UAE, with its incidence and prevalence now occurring in women as young as 30 and even below. In the past few years, there is an increase of 20% of breast cancer cases in the UAE.

Although mammogram and breast ultrasound screenings are easily performed in primary care and referral settings, the interpretation of these images requires significant skill and experience, and the lack of expertise in reading the imaging can result in missed or delayed diagnosis.

The AI solution will help in;

  • Triage: A systematic prioritizing of patients’ treatment according to how urgent they need care, influencing the order and priority of emergency.
  • Breast Density: Quickly categorizes breast tissue (dense / fibrograndular & fatty / adipose) into a density category.
  • Lesion Detection: With ~90% accuracy separating cysts and masses.
  • Segmentation & Classification: Fully automated Region of Interest (ROI) detection finding mass abnormalities and classifying benign / malignancy.
  • Diagnostic Reporting: Customized reports to support radiologists.

“Prognica Labs is transforming breast cancer diagnosis with innovative AI solutions,” said Khalid Shaikh, Founder and CEO of Prognica Labs. “We are excited to partner with Advanced Care Oncology Center to deploy our AI solutions and empower with faster turnaround times and quality diagnosis”.

The partnership aims to harness and scale-up the use of this technology to improve early-stage detection of breast cancer in the markets involved, to reduce mortality rates and improve patient outcomes. As part of the strategic collaboration, Advanced Care Oncology Center will work with Prognica Labs to explore the application of deep learning algorithms to identify patients with suspicious radiographic breast abnormalities and support their referral to arrive at a firm diagnosis. The collaboration will also focus on overcoming barriers that limit access to diagnostic tools to support early detection of breast cancer.

“This cutting-edge AI technology will help our teams quickly prioritize urgent cases, speed up diagnosis, and improve quality”, says Bashir Reslan, Executive Director of Advanced Care Oncology Center. “When it comes to cancer, the earlier you catch it, the better the prognosis – so getting us critical results faster will help save lives. The partnership with Prognica Labs underlines a pioneering role and represents yet another step in our ambition to become the most digitally enabled provider of diagnostic services in UAE”

About Prognica Labs: Prognica Labs is an award winning Dubai based AI powered health-tech company aiming to improve clinical outcomes in the fight against breast cancer. Prognica analyses medical images and generates information and data to help predict and diagnose cancer using artificial intelligence and deep learning. Prognica is tackling a long term goal by working on breast cancer screening and diagnostics to make it more accurate, affordable and accessible.

About Advanced Care Oncology Center: Advanced Care Oncology Center is engaged in business consultation in medical imaging field and possesses wide range of contacts and networks in the societies of radiology and other related areas of healthcare service in the Middle East and African (MEA) countries (“Region”), Advanced Care Oncology Center is committed to providing our patients with comprehensive oncological care which includes diagnostic services, prevention and treatments, while giving physical, emotional, and supportive care for our patients. Offering the most recent advanced techniques in delivering radiation treatment such as IGRT, IMRT/VMAT and also PET/CT Scans, Chemotherapy, and Radiotherapy.