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Advancing in Early Detection of Breast Cancer

We are committed to the advancement of technology that will improve breast cancer survival rates worldwide. We are developing the next generation smart screening technology for medical image analysis.

Powerful AI Engine

Our deep learning algorithm identifies abnormalities within seconds with exceptional accuracy.

Improved Accuracy

Clear annotation, heatmap & preliminary reports generated allows to decrease overlooked findings.

Insightful Analysis

Analysing unseen medical images by one or many AI models and providing an insightful and interactive reports.

HIPAA Compliant

Keeping your data and images on-site or de-identify before sending it to the Prognica Inference Cloud.

Continuous Learning

Retraining of AI models with incremental corrections and additions to improve their performance.

Collaborative Approach

We work with partners including healthcare providers & academic institutions to develop our AI solutions.

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New Direction of Healthcare

Innovation in healthcare has become an important focus for policy makers and investors, with implications for research and further pipeline development. It is instructive to assess what various players in the sector are doing to drive Innovation in healthcare forward.

For Hospitals & Clinics

Revolutionalising shift from time consuming routines to faster diagnosis. Ensure timely treatment for patients.

For Researchers

Deep Learning based Image Analysis Solutions for Medical Research

For Education

Educate and inspire the next forerunners of radiology and diagnosis with modern teaching technology.