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Advancing in Early Detection and Treatment of Breast Cancer

We are committed to the advancement of technology that will improve breast cancer survival rates worldwide.

Automatically detects the masses in mammogram and helps in segmentation & classification of the tumor. The process aids in robust diagnosis by using double thresholding to obtain perfect location of tumor.

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Enhancing the accuracy and efficiency of breast ultrasound imaging for improved breast health assessment and diagnosis.

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Analyzing histopathology slides, to detect and classify HER2-positive breast cancer. identifying specific features and patterns associated with HER2-positive tumors, aiding in early detection and accurate diagnosis.

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Improved Accuracy

Our deep learning algorithm identifies detect patterns and anomalies within seconds with exceptional accuracy.

Early Diagnosis

Identify signs at early stage, enabling timely intervention leading to better treatment options and chances of recovery.

Improved Prioritization

Automatically prioritize scans based on case severity, saving clinicians’ time and ensuring patients receive timely care.

Improved Reporting

Automatically produce error-free and standardized reports, saving time and streamlining workflows.

Reduced Healthcare Costs

Optimize resource allocation, streamline workflows, and improve operational efficiencies in healthcare systems.

Accessible Cancer Care

Democratizing cancer screening & early detection, ensuring more people have access to timely diagnosis and treatment.

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We work with a cross-disciplinary and translational approach to the healthcare / medical innovation,
on the scientific level but also including ethical, societal and economic issues.

Artificial Intelligence in Breast Cancer Early Detection and Diagnosis

By: Khalid Shaikh, Rohit Thanki, Sabitha K
Springer International Publishing

A learning-based approach to breast cancer screening using mammography images

By: Khalid Shaikh, Rohit Thanki, Sabitha K
International Journal of Informatics and Communication Technology (IJ-ICT)

A RONI Based Visible Watermarking Approach for Medical Image Authentication

By: Rohit Thanki, Surekha Borra
Springer International Publishing

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Dr. Sawsan AlMadhiDirector General, Friends of Cancer Patients (FoCP)
speaks about the Social Barriers and Evolution of Breast Cancer Care and Awareness

H.E. Marwan Al Sarkal, Executive Chairman of Sharjah Investment and Development Authority (Shurooq),
speaks about the Innovation, Technology, Investments, Economy, Education, Government Policies in UAE.

Dr. Kinda DouaidariDirector Breast Clinic, American Hospital Dubai,
speaks about the applications of AI and its benefits in Breast Cancer diagnosis. Also detailing the complications of dense breast in younger women.

Dr. Sadir J. AlrawiDirector, Surgical Oncology, Al Zahra Cancer Centre,
speaks about the Artificial Intelligence and Innovation in Cancer Care and Radiology