Prognica Labs rolls out free Breast Cancer Screening and Awareness Campaign

Source: Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority, Al Khaleej News

Dubai, UAE: 06 June, 2021 – Prognica Labs, a Dubai-based AI-powered health tech startup, today announced a free breast cancer screening and awareness campaign that will run until June 15, 2021, in collaboration with and support of Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority ( and Zulekha Hospital ( The campaign aims to raise awareness of breast cancer within community, through providing free screening and consultation along with interactive panel discussions, seminars and workshops featuring doctors, radiologists, survivors, and experts.

Khalid Shaikh, founder CEO of Prognica Labs says, “We are aiming to improve clinical outcomes in the fight against breast cancer and make the screening and diagnostics more accurate, affordable and accessible”. Prevention and early detection are central to our mission to help save and celebrate lives and lead the fight against breast cancer.”

“With research being a core focus at Prognica, we strive to accelerate cancer research tailored to local burdens and knowledge gaps needed for continuous improvement of public health in the UAE and the wider MENA region.” Khalid adds.

This campaign is in line with the World-Class Healthcare pillar of the UAE’s National Agenda of the UAE Vision 2021, which emphasizes the importance of preventive medicine and seeks to reduce cancer.

The objectives of this campaign include raising public awareness, educating residents in UAE on the importance of early detection, diagnosis, and treatment of breast cancer, providing guidance, identifying risks and preventive measures.

According to a statistic by Al Jalila Foundation, Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women with 1 in 8 women being diagnosed in their lifetime. On the bright side, though, 98 percent of breast cancer diagnoses can be treated if detected early. In the UAE, more than 75 percent of breast cancer patients seek medical advice after experiencing symptoms. Through its campaign, Prognica Labs aims to turn the tables and break myths around the subject – making it a norm to educate oneself on the matter.

Zanubia Shams, Co-Chairperson- Zulekha Hospital, said: “Although we are occupied and coping with the coronavirus pandemic and its impact on our lives, we cannot forget our non-COVID-19 health conditions that may project a higher risk for our bodies at a later stage. Saving people’s life remains our core objective, and we will spare no effort in achieving it through such ongoing campaigns that promote early detection and prevention of diseases.”

For his part, Hans Christensen, Vice President at Dubai Technology Entrepreneur Campus (Dtec), said: “Dubai Technology Entrepreneur Campus is currently home to more than 900 startups from 72 countries, with more than 30 of them in the health technology field, and over 50 of the total number of startups utilizing artificial intelligence in their respective domain. We are confident in the power of AI – in business and in health – and strong supporters of promising startups and entrepreneurs within our community. Hence, our partnership with Prognica Labs on their campaign to reach a wider audience, especially since they focus on cancer – a disease that is a component of the UAE’s National Agenda of the UAE Vision 2021.”

For national or regional cancer control programs, research is an essential component of planning, implementation, and monitoring the program’s effectiveness. In addition, research improves patient outcomes and creates national wealth through innovation.

“Research is the only way to understand breast cancer, how and why it progresses, and how it can ultimately be stopped.” Says Dr. Ibrahim Bani (MD, DTM&H, PhD), Associate Professor at Ajman University and Research Associate at Prognica Labs.

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Dr. Menna Shaher Joins Prognica Labs’ Advisory Board

Dubai, UAE — Dec 16, 2020 — Prognica Labs, a Dubai based AI-powered health-tech startup aiming to improve clinical outcomes in the fight against breast cancer using artificial intelligence and deep learning; today announced that Dr. Menna Shaher has joined as an Advisor.

Dr. Menna has over 15 years of experience as a Breast Radiologist, 11 years of which as a Consultant Breast Imaging and Intervention Radiology.

Her areas of expertise include Breast Mammography, early detection of breast cancer, Tomosynthesis, Contrast-Enhanced mammography and Dynamic MRI breast with contrast, Breast and axilla ultrasound with Elastography, Breast interventional studies as biopsy and aspiration & Total suction of benign lesions by vacuum assist Biopsy (VAB).

Dr. Menna completed MBBS, Masters in Radio diagnosis & Intervention and Medical Doctorate in Diagnostic Radiology from Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt, and Advanced Hospital Management Diploma from Canadian International Academy for advanced studies, Ottawa, Canada. She is a member of the European Society of Breast Imaging. She is also the founder and head of the Breast Unit of Al Zahra Hospital Sharjah.

“With her vast experience and passion in breast cancer space, along with the combination of strategic expertise, it will be of a tremendous resource in helping Prognica accelerate its vision in serving the society,” said Khalid Shaikh, Founder CEO at Prognica.

“I’m honored to be working with the Prognica team as they are tackling a long-term goal by working on breast cancer screening and diagnostics to make it more accurate, affordable, and accessible.” Dr. Menna said. “I believe in networking, joining forces that can make miracles, and I admire the hard work and ideas Prognica is trying to implement. Looking forward to doing more together.”

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Prognica Labs Joins NVIDIA Inception

Dubai, UAE — Dec 09, 2020 — Prognica Labs today announced it has joined NVIDIA Inception, a program designed to nurture startups revolutionizing industries with advancements in AI and data sciences.

Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in women (24.2%, i.e. about one in 4 of all new cancer cases diagnosed in women worldwide are breast cancer). Approximately 2.1 million women were diagnosed with breast cancer in 2018, according to a WHO report. In developing countries, more than 50% of the women who are detected with breast cancer end up losing their lives within a year.

Examining medical images and data is time-consuming and relies on the judgment and skills of highly specialized experts and many a time the interpretation is prone to errors since humans suffer from factors like fatigue and distractions. This is why patients sometimes have different interpretations from various doctors, which can make choosing a plan of action a stressful and tedious process.

Prognica is addressing these issues through our AI-powered platform, which can analyze medical images and generate medical reports — from anywhere and with complete accuracy.

NVIDIA Inception will allow Prognica to better collaborate with many other cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence and machine learning startups by leveraging valuable go-to-market support, expertise, and technology. Joining this program will help and support Prognica Labs’ Computer Vision and Machine Learning solutions. The program will also offer Prognica the opportunity to collaborate with industry-leading experts and other AI-driven organizations.

Khalid Shaikh, CEO, Founder of Prognica Labs said – “Prevention and early detection are central to our mission of helping save lives, celebrate lives, and lead the fight against cancer. We are developing an adjunct, precision tool for mammography and ultrasound to equip radiologists with the objective, data-driven results they need to support patients and their healthcare team as they make decisions about their breast cancer screening, treatment, and diagnosis. We expect our participation in NVIDIA’s Inception program to push the limits of innovation with AI-based medical diagnosis to greater heights to serve the global society.”

NVIDIA Inception is a program that helps startups during critical stages of product development, prototyping, and deployment. Every Inception member gets a custom set of ongoing benefits, such as NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute credits, marketing support, and technical assistance, which provides startups with the fundamental tools to help them grow.

About Prognica Labs
Prognica Labs is a Dubai based AI-powered health-tech startup aiming to improve clinical outcomes in the fight against breast cancer. Prognica analyses medical images and generates information and data to help predict and diagnose cancer using artificial intelligence and deep learning. We are tackling a long-term goal by working on breast cancer screening and diagnostics to make it more accurate, affordable, and accessible.

Prognica Labs
Khalid Shaikh (Founder, CEO)

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Prognica Labs partners with Ajman University to boost Higher Education in UAE

January 16, 2020, Dubai – Prognica Labs, an AI based healthtech company, has announced a collaborative research and education agreement with Ajman University (AU), an internationally recognized institution of higher education and research in UAE, to advance research and innovation in Medical and Technology.

In today’s economic environment, collaboration between universities and industry is increasingly perceived as a vehicle to enhance innovation through knowledge exchange, according to Dr. Kamran Arshad, Dean of Graduate Studies and Research, AU. “This Industry-University collaboration provides the perfect foundation for innovation.”

University-Industry partnerships are becoming increasingly important to help students gain the leadership and entrepreneurial skills needed to create innovation and generate solutions to emerging social challenges of the 21st century, he added.

This collaboration is meant to give a boost to knowledge exchange and transfer in the area of engineering, medical science, technology innovation and entrepreneurship. It is also intended to mentor students and faculty, empower and implement their ideas. – Dr. Arshad stated.

Writing research papers and/or research-based books that can be published on various journals, conducting seminars, cohorts, idea competitions for students and faculty, are further realms of this partnership, he elaborated. “Young researchers will be receiving assistance in identifying the characteristics of the economic environment under this agreement.”

Dr. Arshad said factors, such as competition amongst emerging economies, and increasingly complex technological developments make the landscape simply too volatile.

“The university world can see the benefits of looking beyond the theoretical and taking an active role in overseeing the transfer of new knowledge into practical applications.”

Ajman University

Ajman University, the first private higher education institution in the gulf countries, has, for the second year in a row, earned a spot among the top 150 universities in the world under 50 years within QS World University Rankings of the ‘Top 50 Under 50’.

Ajman University, as per the 2020 QS World University Rankings issued in June 2019, is now ranked among the top 800 institutions worldwide, securing a position in the top 2.8% of universities worldwide and the top 1.7% of institutions in the Arab world.

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Khalid wins the “Technology Rising Star of the Year” award.

Oct 06, 2019. Dubai – Khalid Shaikh, Founder, CEO of Prognica Labs, has been named “Technology Rising Star of the Year” at the high-profile Future Enterprise Awards 2019 hosted by TahawulTech.

Khalid is working relentlessly towards a long term goal of making cancer screening and diagnostics more accurate, affordable and accessible by building an AI platform.

“I am excited to win this award, and could not have achieved it without all the hard work and dedication of a great team and the support of our advisors. The future is bright for Prognica as there are great products coming on the way and great opportunities for our technology all around the world.”

Healthcare as we know today has several problems.

  • The first one being that, the doctor-to-patient ratio is terribly low worldwide.
  • The doctors themselves are overworked and overstretched which may lead to the variability and subjectivity in the way that the diseases are diagnosed and treated.
  • And the quality medical equipments are quite expensive, which make it difficult for any organization to adopt the latest technology at scale.

“We at Prognica are trying to address these issues through data and intelligence. We are developing the next generation smart screening technology for medical image analysis that healthcare providers and patients can confidently rely on” says Khalid.

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Khalid Shaikh, participated as a judge at the Startup Battle

April 24, 2019. Dubai – Our CEO, Khalid Shaikh, participated as a judge at the Startup Battle by Startup.Network in Dubai. Startup Battle is a business-format event where selected entrepreneurs compete for the attention of VCs, Angels and corporate investors, bringing together the entire community to share ideas, collaborate across markets, and capitalize on emerging trends. The Startup Battle – Dubai, was held on Wednesday, April 24, is a competition for disruptive, early-stage companies who are creating, innovating or enhancing real-world systems technologies and applications.

I am honored to be invited by Startup.Network to be a part of Startup Battle judging panel, and to take part in this opportunity to support startups.
It feels exhilarating especially after interacting with the kind of founders with their startups and the contestants who have the ‘self-starter’ attitude.

For more information about the competition, please click here.

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Welcome Dr. Jamal Ibrahim Mohammad Alhajj on our Advisory Board

We at Prognica are truely honored to have Dr. Jamal Ibrahim Mohammad Alhajj on our advisory board.

Dr. Jamal Alhajj served as Senior Surgeon at Ministry of Health and Prevention, UAE. Prior to that, he worked as Head of Medical Dept at Dubai Municipality for 10 years. He also served Tanmia, Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratisation, UAE for 7 years. Dr. Jamal holds Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery degree from University of Munster, Germany.

“We are pleased to have the guidance and support from one of the leading and most respected experts in the field of medical science and the middle east region,” said Khalid Shaikh, Founder and CEO of Prognica Labs.

Dr. Jamal will play a very important role, providing expertise and guidance toward three critical organizational priorities: research, clinical initiatives and industry know-how. His invaluable input will help inform decisions about Prognica’s goal to develop intelligent, scalable and affordable disease screening solutions which can empower medical experts and facilitate quality healthcare delivery to the masses and will also provide strategic direction.

“Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in the developed world and second in the developing world, almost a million people around the globe are losing the fight against cancer every year. The early diagnosis and prognosis of a cancer type have become inexorable in cancer research, as it can facilitate the quality of life of patients.
I look forward to working with Prognica team to advance the clinical outcomes in early discovery and fight against cancer.” He said.

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Khalid Shaikh discusses the “Role of AI in Healthcare & Medical Education” at Pallazo Vercase, Dubai.

April 11, 2018. Dubai – The adoption of artificial intelligence in healthcare is on the rise and solving a variety of problems for patients, hospitals, medical education and healthcare industry overall.

Our CEO Khalid Shaikh shared the stage with additional experts conveying differing perspectives on artificial intelligence, the maturity and future of the technologies, and how developments in these areas affect healthcare industr at the ‘1st Annual International Conference on the Role of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare and Medical Education’, at the Palazzo Versace Dubai, organised by Thumbay Group

The conference drew together expert speakers from the US, UK, Switzerland, UAE, India and Australia to discuss the scope, impact and opportunities of AI in healthcare and medical education.

His Highness Shaikh Mohammed Maktoum Juma Almaktoum, Chairman, MBM Groups, Dubai was the chief guest of the conference.

“There is some limited understanding of AI among the healthcare industry, but actually being able to implement it to solve problems and create opportunities is the real challenge,” Khalid said.

The other co-panelists include;

  • Prof. Hossam Hamdy – Chancellor, Gulf Medical University – Moderator
  • Dr. Ajit Nagpal, Chairman & Director General, Amity University Middle East Initiative
  • Dr. Ashok Gupta, – Recipient of The Padmashree award, Lifetime Achievement Award on Health and Philanthropy,
  • Mrs. Amina Al Saadi
  • Dr. P K Menon
  • Dr. Malligre Prassanassana


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Khalid Shaikh on Innovation & Entrepreneurship Shark Tank Panel

March 13-14, 2018. Dubai – The Innovation and Entrepreneurship (INEN) elevator pitch assessment, by the Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management (EAHM), was a mock Shark Tank experience to assess student’s ability to put their newly acquired design thinking skills by providing them a real-world experience.

“I am truely honored to be a part of judges panel alongwith the co-judges Mr. Sultan Alshaali, Mr. Mario Gay, Dr. Scott Richardson, Dr. Sanjay Nadkarni, Shari Al M, Ameet Dighe, Dr. Michael Newnham, Prof. Donna Haas.
I thank Dr. Stephenie Morris and Dr. Sanjay Nadkarni for inviting me and congratulate them for such a great successful event.” – Khalid Shaikh

Our education system is responsible for preparing young people to build successful lives. They should be ready for the wide range of possibilities ahead of them, including working for others, starting their own ventures, and contributing to their communities. All of these options require a depth of knowledge in their chosen discipline, as well as creative problem solving skills, leadership abilities, experience working on effective teams, and adaptability in an ever-changing environment. It’s no coincidence that these are the same capabilities that employers say they want in college graduates.

To encourage entrepreneurship in students, initiative of Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management offers more practical coursework, blending the theory in the traditional economic literature with the tangible needs of everyday business management with an experiential, hands-on, and action-driven to give students a real-world experience.

These skills are the cornerstones of management education, which explicitly prepares students to identify and address the real challenges and opportunities.

“The skills students gain are critical for the organizations they will join in the future and for society at large. Most important, such entrepreneurship education empowers young people to see the world as opportunity rich, and to craft the lives they dream to live.”


The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management (

The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management specialises in providing business management degrees with a hospitality focus and aims to become the world’s leading hospitality management school. Located in Dubai, a city that is globally recognised for its hospitality and tourism industry, EAHM is situated in the heart of this hospitality haven right opposite sister properties such as the Burj Al Arab, the world’s most luxurious hotel; Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai’s Arabian Five Star Resort, Wild Wadi Water Park and the multi-award winning Jumeirah Beach Hotel.

EAHM is in academic association with Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL) in Switzerland, the oldest hospitality school in the world and this association ensures the quality of all the study programmes offered. In addition, EAHM is also accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in the United Arab Emirates, the Institute of Hospitality in the United Kingdom and THE-ICE (The International Centre of Excellence in Tourism and Hospitality Education) in Australia. These international accreditations of the study programmes further add to the employability of graduates from EAHM.

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Prognica featured in Innovation & Tech magazine

The Purpose

Cancer is usually characterized as a heterogeneous disease with different types and subtypes that involve uncontrolled cellular growth and reproduction. It is one of the leading causes of death in the developed and the developing world; almost a million people around the globe are losing the fight against cancer every year. The early diagnosis and prognosis of a cancer type have become inexorable in cancer research. In UAE, approximately 4500 new cases of cancer are reported every year, which equals to 12 new cases a day, according to Abu Dhabi Health Authority. Cancer is the third leading cause of death in UAE, after cardiovascular disease and accidents. Prognica, an AI powered health-tech startup, aims to improve clinical outcomes and accelerate the discovery of breakthrough advancements in the fight against cancer. Prognica analyses medical images and generates information and data to help predict and diagnose cancer using artificial intelligence and deep learning.

“Our goal is to develop intelligent, scalable and affordable disease screening solutions which can empower medical experts and facilitate quality healthcare delivery to the masses.”


The Technology

Our goal is to develop intelligent, scalable and affordable disease screening solutions which can empower medical experts and facilitate quality healthcare delivery to the masses. Our initial focus is on the solutions for the screening tests so that we can positively impact a larger population not only in UAE but the entire region. The company is now collaborating with few reputed healthcare providers and institution across UAE to develop its product.

The Challenges

The UAE healthcare sector poses two major challenges: Recruiting, educating and sustaining enough quality medical personnel and Medical costs According to HAAD projection report, Abu Dhabi will need 4,800 new doctors and 13,000 new nurses by 2022. And the Director General of the DHA estimated that Dubai will need 7,323 more doctors and 8,510 nurses over the next decade. The high cost of medical treatments and limited super specialized care in areas such as oncology and cardiology are driving outbound medical tourism.

The Solution and the Process

We have a clear vision: to reinvent cost effective disease management through early detection and intervention. We are tackling this long term goal by making cancer screening and diagnostics as accurate and accessible as possible, by using advanced analytics tools like image processing and deep learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP) to improve patient care, hospital administration, supply chain and logistic efficiencies. The process is to first digitize the sample slides through a microscope, scan whole slides and upload onto the cloud by converting the large image into a binary metadata. AI engine then takes over, which classify and tag the visual data, not only to churn out results, but also support it with visual evidence (like tagging & annotations) to make it easily verifiable. With the advancement of AI, as more and more new data keeps coming in, the machine continues to learn itself like humans. And it starts generating solutions. There is no need for a manual review by a pathologist by putting a slide under a microscope. Remote diagnosis is made possible, because the pathologist need not be sitting next to the microscope or blood slide. They can access from anywhere, anytime. Our method is primarily based on a convolutional neural network (CNN) and the Wide Res Net 50 residual network formulation. In our approach, we first trained the CNNs on a suitable set of test datasets. Then we applied the trained deep model to partially overlapping patches from each whole slide image (WSI) to create prediction heatmaps. By utilising machine learning on whole slide images (WSI), we have developed a prototype for automatic detection of metastasis in a lymph node. Our early results of detection were shown to have an accuracy of upto 73 percent. Our deep learning expert team and a pathologist is needed to work closely to translate the deep learning algorithms to digital pathology tasks. It is not that AI will entirely replace histopathologists, but rather it will provide increased efficiency and accuracy to the diagnosis, by providing a preliminary diagnosis much faster.

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